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Snowflakes and Salvation

Being stuck in the house for three days because of an ice storm, I have had four options: work from home, work out, continually eat all the bread and milk I hoarded prior to the storm, or troll Facebook. Well, I’m proud to say I did all four.

There was something I saw while viewing everyone’s sledding and snow pics that caught my attention. It was actually shared on Erica Pearson’s FB wall, a regular contributor to this blog. It was this:

snow Jesus

In Tennessee, we laugh about the state of panic a few snowflakes can cause. But this is such a simple example of how our priorities are mixed up. They are off kilter. Our priorities are placed in the now rather than for the future.

What I am about to say is not meant to be offensive or turn anyone off in any way. I say this because I love you. So much, I would like to spend eternity with you. I’m not one to hardcore preach doomsday rhetoric about fire, repentance, and the tough times ahead as revealed in the book of Revelation. At least, I don’t do it in a manner that turns people off or away, but rather, hopefully, the opposite. So, I’ll just say it:

Jesus is coming back. With that being the case, do you have your act together? Are you prepared like you would be for a winter storm?

Even though I have my bread, milk, and toilet paper… I’ll be honest, I’m not as prepared as I want or need to be. Some questions I have for myself:

Am I living the life God has called me to?
What more can I do? What more can I give?
What opportunities am I not seeing God has put in my path?
Am I spending enough time in the Word?
Am I applying what I learn?

Am I witnessing or sharing Christ with others?
Am I doing it enough?
Do my children see Christ in me?
Is Jesus proud of me and my efforts?

I’ll say it over and over again. Being a Christian takes effort. It’s uncomfortable, exhausting, a rush, and rewarding all at the same time.

Here’s where it gets uncomfortable for me: based on an honest self-audit, my personal grade leaves a lot to be desired. But, oh how I desire so much more! Rather than giving up anything for Lent, I’m going to start a new tradition – I am going to add something. I am going to enhance myself rather than deprive myself of something inconsequential. (I have my wife to thank for this idea… thanks Kim!). For me, my addition will be found within the questions above. So how about you? What can you add for Lent that will better prepare you for the return of Jesus?

A sidenote: the KJV verse at the bottom of the photo above is a little ominous with all the “ye’s” and a “cometh” in it. The NLT version is less daunting, but nonetheless still potent in translation.

You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected.
                                                                                              – Luke 12:40


Original source of the picture above: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jesus-Christ-is-KING/191900549668?fref=photo