Nothing successful typically has one person as the sole source. And such is the case with this blog. We are very blessed to have some very special people in our lives. They support us, love us, defend us, protect us, and love us some more. We are grateful for all of my mentors, partners, family, and friends – each of which have a vested interest in sharing God’s love.

A huge thanks to Erica for sharing her heart and soul!

pearson-family-2016ERICA PEARSON – As a full-time working mother, Erica has learned the fine art of balancing a career and family. At the tender age of eight, she felt God’s calling for her life was to be a teacher. Her mission field is the public school classroom.  She balances work and family life with the support of her husband Tommy, with whom she has three fabulous children. When she’s not guzzling down coffee to keep up with her too often hectic schedule, she relishes the moments when she can write and share what she hears God speak, often whispering to her heart. For it is His words that she will tell that keep her from collapsing in exhaustion. Well, His word and a great cup of coffee!

Beautiful words fill my mind.
                I am speaking of royal things.
                My tongue is like the pen of a skilled writer.
                                                             – Psalm 45:1

Erica can be reached at:


Contributor photo - TCTREY CAMPBELL, APR -For nearly two decades, Trey has worked with one of the premiere sales and leadership programs in the world serving as the Director of Communications. He has been involved in training over 27,000 college students from around the world in ethics, integrity, leadership, sales, and spirituality.

His career is one of his passions, as it has become one of his primary mission fields. It has him listening, teaching, mentoring, and solving problems.

Trey has spoken at a variety of conferences and to organizations in a variety of industries on a variety of topics. Past and current speaking and training topics have included Christian leadership and development, Biblical principles, leadership and management, communication, sales, and life skills. Audiences have included trade associations, professional organizations, foundations, university classes, and companies.

In his community, Trey serves as a volunteer mediator and arbitrator, participates in numerous nonprofit activities and campaigns, works with schools and young people, and is a leader in his church.

He credits his faith, family, and career for his many blessings. His family, which includes, Kim, his lovely wife, Madison and Megan, his beautiful daughters, live in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.
– Hebrews 10:24




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