3 types of leaders that will rock your socks off! Which one are you?

Take a good look at one way I define leaders. After you process the awesomeness of the graphic below (lightning bolts and all), I’ll explain what it all means!

Leadership Allignment graphic

In a nutshell:
I categorize leaders in one of three types – the strengths they lean toward: vision, people, and method.

  • Vision – They are visionaries, see the “big picture,” plan for the future
    • They set lofty goals and work to reach them
    • They ask: What? Why? When?
    • They think intangibly with the end goal in mind
    • They focus on both start and finish
    • They are action prone: shoot first/aim second
    • They follow the mission of the organization they believe will garner results 
  • People – They are communicators, value input and often ask for it
    • They delegate and are team-players, which makes them effective
    • They ask: Who? Where? When? 
    • They thrive in team environments, assemble teams, love group dynamics
    • Put a high emphasis on ethics/values and service to others
    • They know the pulse of an organization and its team members
    • Mutual respect is important, a two-way street
  • Method – They are the organizers, into the implementation and processes
    • They are into the numbers
    • They ask: How? When? Why?
    • They are detailed oriented, love to plan
    • They are concerned with data and deadlines
    • They are calculated in their decisions, methodical 
    • Bottom line is important, but not the be-all-end-allLeadership Alignment Arrows

Those in leadership positions can be a hybrid of these three strengths but typically are more one than the other. Notice the arrows between the three types (to the right). These are key attributes shared between the two leader types.

For example: People and Method leaders place importance on “processes” that make the organization successful. Vision and Method leaders value “information” a little more that People leaders.

NOISE = Communications Barriers (static)Leadership Alignment Lightning
“Noise” are the things that get in the way of effective leadership. It serves as an interrupter of effective communication. It interferes with the Principles, Information, and Processes. Noise, an ever-present distraction, drowns out the delivery of any transmission between groups or individuals. I’ve included it in the model above because it factors as a barrier of effective communication within the leadership process.  

A few examples of noise include:
          1. Lack of communication
          2. Conflicting messages
          3. Confusing messages
          4. Too many/not enough involved
          5. Different expectations
          6. Poor planning
          7. Organizational politics
          8. No initial defining parameters (goals, ground rules)

While this is not by any means a comprehensive study of leaders and their specific styles of leadership, it’s a glimpse into how leaders lead. Most leaders are simply prone to be dominant in one of the specific strengths I’ve highlighted. Over all my years in business and working with many leaders in all aspects of life, I’ve seen how if you are able to pinpoint a specific leadership style, it makes working and communicating with the individual easier. It’s all about how to get the most out of a relationship with them. 

In addition, you can apply the Leadership Alignment to yourself and see how you tend to work with others. You’re welcome!

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