Satisfaction should fade, leading to greater hunger

If you find yourself satisfied, perhaps you would be best served to make it short-lived.

12Jars-frontcover“…the state of satisfaction is unstable, if not a little irrational. If you are in a consistent state of satisfaction, what motivation is there to grow, build, or improve? No… in life it’s better to stay hungry than to be satisfied.” 

12 Jars: Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life
Chapter 8, The Fifth Jar – Never Be Satisfied, p 44

Hunger can be one of two things depending if used as a noun or verb. It can be a feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by the need to eat or it can be a strong desire or craving for something.

If you have ever had a goal, you know to reach it you must have a strong desire to make it reality. Michael Phelps did not win 28 Olympic medals by showing up to the pool in a speedo and goggles. He put in the time. He practiced countless hours and committed to his dream. His lifestyle was determined by the hunger he had to be the best swimming champion in the world.

What many successful champions of life know is you have to stay hungry. You can’t lose the craving and desires that got you where you are for one very good reason: you need to get to the next level. God did not make us to be mediocre. He made us to exceed intermediate. Quite simply, He made us to be exceptional. To be exceptional, you have to stay hungry!

Thomas Edison was on point when he said, “Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.” Satisfaction is the enemy of progress. Progress is impeded when the feeling of satisfaction replaces your appetite for advancement and achievement.

A final note for you on this fine day:

1000 Tips 166 harvest onetime meal
Don’t let short-term satisfaction be a substitute for long-term gratification! Stay hungry my friends!
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