The person who says “I can’t right now, I’m too busy changing the world,” is not changing the world

World-changers don’t have excuses. They have results.

They are the first to invest in others and pour time into the things people who will neverExcuses make their mark in this world never would. Why? To be successful, you have to be willing to do the things unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. This is not new news… or at least it should not be.

I’ve said before: “Excuses are like fish. They have a short shelf-life.” Busyness often falls in that short shelf-life category. Those who wait for tomorrow on the premonition they are busy today never achieve the things they want to. Now, I can hear some people reading this… “But Trey, I am busy. I have a 40+ hour job, the kid’s practices and recitals, school work, laundry, spending time with friends, taking the cat to the vet, etc.” I’m not discounting any of that, BUT those are things that HAVE to be done. When we use a phrase as daunting as “changing the world,” there are things associated with accomplishing this that go above and beyond your average, everyday schedule.

You see, people like Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jesus did not accomplish what they did because they used time as an excuse. They used time to their advantage. These are well-known, household names (especially that Jesus guy). World-changers don’t have to be as big as the names I just listed. You can start with one person – yourself. You have the power to change yourself and your surroundings, and, in turn, utilize a domino effect to create bigger, farther-reaching change. Your impact and influence is not limited by time, but by your use of time.

Busyness is a lie we become comfortable with. It’s an excuse we rely on. It gets us out of things and allows us to justify to ourselves we have a valid reason of not doing what we are asked, what we say we will do, or what we plan to do.

Believe it or not, time is one thing we have plenty of because it never runs out. We may have only 24 hours in a day, but we always do have tomorrow. We just have to manage our time better and actually do the things tomorrow we say we will today. I can be defined as a busy guy, but I find a way to get things done. Here are some examples things I think have helped me:

  • Schedule – Schedule is a choice. I can binge Netflix, take a nap, or do something constructive such as blog, read a book to gain knowledge and feed my mind, workout to strengthen my body, or spend time with those who build me up. I write down what needs to get done, and add things to my list that come up. Having things written down, I can feel accomplished when I mark them off. Setting specific times to get things done also prevents time waste. You can schedule every part of your day. Invest in a planner if you need to or an app that helps you waste less time.
  • Priority – What are YOUR priorities? I bet if you made a list and then compared it to how you spend your time, they would not necessarily match. We all have things we care about and we all have things we need to get done. How can you be efficient and productive to do both? If anything truly is a priority for you, won’t you make time for it? For me, when I was soliciting endorsements for 12 Jars, I had three people tell me they were basically too busy to be bothered. Working for a direct sales company for two decades has taught me not to take this personally. But, it makes me think I was not considered a priority in their life because they could not fit me in their schedule over the course of several weeks. What I learned is my priorities are not someone else’s priorities. And that’s ok. When you set your own priorities for each day, you develop habits for the important things and people in your life.
  • Goal-setting – If you want to do big things, you have to dream big. Goals are made to reach with sweat equity, not little-to-no effort. Changing the world means having goals so big, people laugh at you (behind your back of course). Go big! Your strategies and tactics will dictate how you reach your goals. Excuses of being busy and why you don’t hit your goals fall on deaf ears to those who are making things happen in their own lives.
  • Attitude – This is something that is controllable and will help you get through the good times and the bad time – of which you will have both (you can’t have one without the other). You  choose your attitude. Start in the morning with some positive phrases or reading. Make the day yours, not the other way around.

Sure, we are all busy, but no one is busy enough to make things happen in your life rather than letting life happen to you. Take control of your situation and make the most of the rest of your life!

Trey Campbell,
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