So, what’s your excuse?

A lesson in the fourth and fifth grade class I serve with at church had a really good message. It made me think about excuses. We all have them. In fact, many of us limp through life because we use them as a crutch.

With what I’m about to say, this would be a good time for some self-reflection, an1000 Tips 25 internal audit of sorts. So I’ll start with this: your excuses stink. They stink like yesterday’s fish.

Excuses have been around since the creation of mankind. Take Adam and Eve for instance. Adam’s excuse was Eve told him to do it, saying “It was the woman you gave me who gave me the fruit, and I ate it.” Eve’s excuse was the serpent old her to do it, “The serpent deceived me, that’s why I ate it.”

At some point, the time for excuses in all of our lives has to end. When the excuses come to an end, a new era begins. It’s called responsibility. This is something we all need to start in our own lives – ending our excuses and taking responsibility! Take a minute to think of the things you put on hold because of an excuse you have.


< pause to actually think of the lame excuses that are part of your life
that keep you from being the person you want to be, from reaching your potential >

< If you are thinking you are not lame because of your excuses, that is likely another rationalization you are telling yourself that is likely contributing
to a even bigger problem… so just read on >


What are things you should be taking responsibility for rather than living through your day-to-day cover ups? It may be you’re not the mother/father you need to be. Maybe you need to kick an addiction. Perhaps you need to mature and make better choices. Maybe your behavior does not match your heart’s intention. Maybe you feel like the position you are in is someone else’s fault and not yours. Maybe you just need to be present. Some of us have more excuses than sense (yeah, including me too).

excuses monument of nothingnessExcuses can be a precursor to sin. Let me ask you this question: What do your sins bring? Adam’s brought death. But through this, God promised a Savior. He promised a redeemer. His Son, who was appointed from the beginning of time, redeemed us all. That was Jesus. He redeemed us through his sacrifice on the cross so we did not have to bear the sins passed down to us alone. How are you redeeming yourself and your daily fails? Have you simply asked for forgiveness? Have you accepted your situation and taken responsibility? Change does not happen without those two steps. God forgives, but you also have to forgive yourself to move onto that responsibility thing.

Adam and Eve got evicted from their home. And because of their massive fail and excuses afterward, we are now all natural born sinners. Still to this day we are effected by their miscue. We are born into it. But there is hope! We’ve been given the opportunity to get redeemed from the sin we are born into. So, really, there should be no excuses. Jesus took away all of our excuses. It’s never too late while you have air in your lungs and a beating heart to do the one thing that can wipe away the sins of our first ancestors.

Accept Jesus into your life and allow yourself to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Lose the excuses and start down the road to responsibility. And remember, you don’t have to do this alone. You are never as alone as you may feel.

Trey Campbell,
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