Whether you impact an audience or impact one in an audience: mission accomplished!

The stage is not merely the meeting place of all
the arts,
but is also the return of art to life.
– Oscar Wilde

Whether art imitates life or life imitates art… it doesn’t matter much. The stage has always been a place where they both intersect.

Audience of oneAudience of One Productions, a community theater group at the Capitol Theatre in Lebanon, Tennessee, has a mission of using the arts to honor the Lord.

On their logo, the production company has Colossians 3:23 which says: Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. And that’s just what they do. All involved work with an open heart and a willing spirit.

With all of the talent in the area, founder and Director, Angie Dee, chose to double cast the current run of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. My daughter has spent the last two years with Angie and some of the best local, young talent entertaining the community. Beyond entertainment, gifts of singing, dancing, and acting are used to not only grow their passion in the arts, but their faith. I commend Angie for her vision and sharing her walk with the Lord with the precious kids who have had the privilege to work under her direction.

7 brides 7 brothers
Cast 1 of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Audience of One Productions

I would like to share a Facebook post, written by Bree Brown Reynolds, as a testament of how God heals in the most unusual of ways. This should be no surprise. God is not one for conventionality, but rather amazement. Many of His works are not through the expected, but the unforeseen. Please take the time to read this. I promise it’s worth it.

To the cast and crew of 7 Brides for 7 Brothers,

You changed someone’s life last night. 
You did.

I brought my friend’s mom with me. I had to convince her to go, by almost having to drag her with me. She’s visiting from California and doesn’t get out often.

But last night…

Last night changed her. It changed her outlook on life. She felt joy. She felt alive. She cried. She hooted. She hollered. She clapped along. She snort laughed.

She’s had to walk through a literal hell for the past three years of her life. She’s been living in an unending nightmare. Last night, she said, she “started waking up and felt joy again”.

The creative God of the universe and everything in it chose you guys to walk a woman out of hell, through song and dance and tears.

He chose cast 2 on a random Tuesday night to save a woman from drowning in a cesspool of feelings of loneliness and unfathomable pain.

She told me on the way back to her daughter’s house that she once played Scrooge in her school’s production of A Christmas Carol. She played him “because none of the boys in the fifth grade we’re good enough…so I had to do it!”

She was smitten by the theatre.

She was made fun of because she was a girl playing a boy.

She never wanted to do it again because she was embarrassed and her feelings were hurt.

Fast forward 65 years.

65 YEARS, guys. That’s six and a half DECADES later…

She says she wants to do it again! She’s ready to see if she still loves it. And if she can’t be IN a show, she’s going to go SEE as many shows as she can and support her local theatre at home.

She leaves Friday to go back to Cali.

She has a passion back for something that was shoved into the corner more than half a century ago.

She has joy back because she felt The Holy Spirit working through “a bunch of kids” who spread it.

She got to cry and grieve a love lost.

She got to clap her hands and tap her feet during the barn dance.

She was reactionary. She was responsive.

She was changed.

Because a bunch of kids, along with their fearless director, decided to obey a call that would change a life before they (and probably their parents) were even born.

This is so much bigger than the right mix of vocals, effortless choreo or a great show.

This was designed, scripted, orchestrated, and produced by the Creator of creative arts to change lives by giving life and hope.

All creation cries out for Him.

I literally watched it happen on a stage and in the seat to my right.

Bree said it best when she wrote: “This is so much bigger than the right mix of vocals, effortless choreo or a great show. This was designed, scripted, orchestrated, and produced by the Creator of creative arts to change lives by giving life and hope.”

Just like a play or musical, God has put together a life for us that has several acts and maybe a few unplanned intermissions on our part but the show must go on! Through Cast 2, a lady has received one of the greatest gifts of her life time – the ability to walk out of a nightmare and into the hope and joy that is the rest of her life.

cast 2
Audience of One Productions, Cast 2

A lot of times we don’t know why we do something or what will come of it… but God does. It circles back to Colossians 3:23. We can NEVER take for granted the impact of what it is we do when we do it to glorify God.

My hope is all the teens in both casts, the crew, the directors, choreographers, set designers, management at the Capitol Theatre, and anyone else who contributed to this musical realize how their love for the arts has renewed a love for life. Your real standing ovation is not the crowd at the end of the show, it’s the host of angels saluting your efforts.


Trey Campbell, treycampbell1010@gmail.com
Follow us on FB at www.fb.com/leadmeforward1



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