Close the doors in your life that are better shut in order to open new ones

Have you ever felt you had to take a step back in order to move forward? Over time, that’s what life is like. “One step forward, two steps back,” right?

1000 Tips 115 where want to beYou sometimes have to stop and take note of where you are so you can make plans for where you want to be. In many cases, this means a change of trajectory. That direction may be any number of ways. You see, there’s often more than one right way to get somewhere. There’s also lots of wrong ways that get you nowhere.

Visual imagery time: Think of a wall blocking your path which represents obstacles, regrets, a broken heart, poor choices, and any other pain points you have. There are many ways to get past a wall. You can go over it. Under it. Around it. Through it. Or just alter your path and take a detour to a new path that has no wall that will take you to the place you want to go. All of the ways or paths to get past the roadblock of a wall represent change.

Change isn’t a bad thing. But it’s something many people fear. I fear change when I don’t know what the outcome may be (which I bet is the most common reason people fear it). However, what I’ve come to realize is change can be a great thing for revitalizing a tired routine or refreshing a stale or negative attitude. It can also be good for breaking through the walls in your life.

Another visual example is the theme used as the title of this blog post: you sometimes must close doors inthree door order to open others. This illustration represents closure. There are times you will need to shut the door on the garbage in your life in order to open new doors that allow you to walk into opportunity. This includes toxic relationships, dead-end jobs, decisions you are putting off, and resistance to positive life hacks.

I’ve had to do this before. I’ve closed the door, in fact, SLAMMED it, so I could run to another. Nearly two decades ago, I resigned from my first real “career” job out of college in another state so I could rejoin my wife and build a life for us back in Tennessee. While I gained lots of experience, I was being held back. But God had my back. Three days after moving back, I walked through the doors at Southwestern Advantage. After being hired six weeks later, I’ve never looked back. What was a good first-time opportunity in order to get experience in Maryland led to me shutting that door so I could open one that allowed me to grow, build, and fly to new heights – both personally and professionally.

There’s no shortage of doors to be opened. The doors you close will likely force you to open others. And, in time, you may close those too – or they maybe closed for you. The disciples found new opportunities when they needed to. If a town was unwilling to hear about Jesus and the Good News or ran them out of town, then they went to the next one to proclaim it. At Southwestern Advantage, we have a saying: “The answer lies behind the next door.” It always does, just sometimes it’s a “no,” and that door stays closed. You see, you have to have the “nos” in order to get to the “yeses.”

A note about closed doors: Once you close a door, I encourage you to make the decision to never open it again if it hides a past you would just prefer to move on from. That door might just be a closet door that holds your skeletons. Move on from this. You are a person who has a mind to think, a heart to beat, and a soul to love. Make the most of the rest of your life… starting now. Close the doors that need to be shut and look for others that need to be opened. GO!!!!!

Trey Campbell,
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