How you talk to yourself says a lot about how you talk to others

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat?” This statement means if you put junk in your body, you will have a body full of junk. And your waistline will have more to show for it. If you eat healthy, you will have a healthy body and your belly won’t leave a shadow on your feet.

The same is true with what you tell yourself. This is what is called your self-talk. If youryou are what you think 1284 self-talk is negative, then you tend to be negative. If it’s positive and uplifting, then you will also be more positive and uplifting.

When training the college students at Southwestern Advantage, I explain how communications, at its most basic form, is two-way. It’s you and the person you are sending a message to.

SENDER   >   m e s s a g e   >  RECEIVER

I then tell them where misunderstanding and miscommunication comes into the process. It’s when NOISE is introduced. Noise is any interrupter that keeps the message from being received as it was intended by the sender. It can also be the personal messaging you tell yourself that sways your thought process – also known as garbage.

1000 Tips 114 talk to self othersHow you talk to yourself translates to how you talk to others. If you are hard on yourself, your expectations may be harder

And that’s why it’s so important you limit the noise between your ears. Mental, internal ear muffs are a fashion necessity if you want to block the negative things you tell yourself that you end up believing. You see, noise is a barrier to growth. It’s a roadblock to success. It’s like chains holding you back. Noise affects your attitude. It affects your perception of reality.

Let’s take it a step further. The noise (garbage) that interrupts the messages from yourself to yourself translates directly to how you communicate with others. The junk you tell yourself comes out in what you tell others. If you don’t filter your self-talk to be positive, then you come off as negative.

Just like you feed your body nourishment each day, you need to fill your mind with positive material. Your messages to yourself and to others are a reflection of you.

Trey Campbell,
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