The 4 Choices of the Paths of Life

The path you take in life is entirely unique to you. You can’t live someone else’s life, nor they yours. Your personal choices will lead to where you find yourself. Your path in life can be a path of destruction or a path of prosperity. The good thing about the path of life is there are lots of twists, turns, switchbacks, criss-crosses, and places to pull over to think.

Occasionally, life will divide your path. Often, there will be an unexpected fork in the road. At this point, you are forced to make one of four choices.paths

  1. Go to the left
  2. Go to the right
  3. Go back the way you came
  4. Go nowhere

As you weigh your options, you’re stuck looking one way, and then the other, back-and-forth like an invisible tennis match. All kinds of questions run through your head: Which one will yield greater prosperity? Which one will be the “easy” route? Which one will be more fun? Which one would my friends choose?

When life offers you options, but you prefer familiarity and comfort, you still are left with a choice to make. One path may lead to the unknown… or both paths may. The beauty is we often can’t see where the path leads. We can only speculate. It’s a calculated risk, but a risk nonetheless.

Of the four options, #3 and #4 ARE known. You can back pedal to recognizable terrain or you can sit where you are, becoming a spectator of life rather than being a player in the game of life. It is highly unlikely these options are going to be of any use to you. To grow is to move up and out, not inward and underneath.

With #3 and #4 eliminated for the sake of positive advancement, our attention is drawn to #1 and #2.

1000 Tips 105 pave your own pathOne thing is for sure. Whatever path you do take, it is yours and no one else’s. God made us each in his image, but we are all unique individuals. He has also given us free will to make mistakes. We will make plenty of them… and sometimes that means taking the wrong path.

While I was writing this, I was interrupted by a call from a man in a different state. He was letting me know about some damage to his property unintentionally caused by a college student and wanted to know if I was able to help. He claimed she had drove into a custom lamp post in his yard and knocked it down. While he would like restitution for the damage, he was more concerned that, after having a very pleasant conversation and product demonstration with her, she left the scene. It was at the very scene of the accident where this young lady was at a crossroads. She had a choice of which path to take. The one where she got as far away as possible, or the one laced with integrity in the form of accepting responsibility. While I don’t have the reasons for her choice, it seems at this point she chose the path of least resistance – and bolted. The wrong path often only leads us in circles. You have to get off at some point and get going in the right direction again. 

We do this time and time again. Sin gets us on the wrong paths. Think about some of the errant paths you have been down and where they led you – nothing but trouble! Paths of fear, anger, jealousy, resentment, temptation, gluttony… too many to name!

When faced with where to go next in life, my recommendation would be to look for where God would have you go. It’s not always the most exciting and glamorous path… but it is the one that leads to your purpose in life. Don’t be afraid to take the path that leads to greatness in His Kingdom, not yours…

Seek his will in all you do,
    and he will show you which path to take.
– Proverbs 3:6

Trey Campbell,
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