What does this mean? Well, put simply: the impact you have on others is not necessarily dependent on the capacities and measures you control. To be a person of meaning, you only have to rely on you (and God). You have more potential than you give yourself credit for, both in spite of and despite the means you have at your disposal.

Many people, both younger and older, with whom I’ve come to know and love are often operating their lives under what I would call a false assumption. Many figure they will make a greater impact later in their life rather than in the present. Don’t you sometimes find yourself waiting for the perfect time? Sure, we all do! It’s called selective procrastination. The problem comes up when we find ourselves unconcerned with this. Complacency, after all, is a tool of the devil. Not doing the things you are capable of is the same as not doing anything at all.

This is not a practical approach for those who wish to use the talents, gifts, and resources God has bestowed them with to be a person of meaning, especially a person of meaning to His Kingdom. To be honest, we are not promised tomorrow. It’s a flawed logic when the belief of what can be done now will not be as effective as what can be done later assuming our means and influence will be greater than at the present.

person of meaning quote

I think Michael Josephson got it right in his quote above. Anyone with character will place a higher value on significance over success. To be a person of meaning is to be a person of purpose.

There’s sometimes a desire to establish an identity and a certain level of desired comfort for oneself before maximizing our impact. This is human nature – the want to be comfortable (notice I didn’t say need?). The objective itself is not intended to be selfish, but it does stifle personal growth and spiritual maturity.

In a past blog I wrote, “Giving up is the most unacceptable form of giving.” To correct myself, not giving is actually the MOST unacceptable form of giving. Why is this? It’s because God did not intend for us to be inactive with our time, money, and other resources.

THE TIME IS NOW! The question is, “Why wait?” If we wait until “the time is right,” our means to help are diminished because the need may have passed. Don’t let this happen to you! Your meaning and purpose are too precious to those who need you now! Friendship, time spent, words of affirmation, hugs, sharing laughs, and wise counsel are way more important now than waiting for the perfect timing or a comfortable financial state. Lead, live, learn, and love!

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it. – James 4:17

Trey Campbell,

*The photo at the top of this post is part of a collection of truths, motivation, and wisdom from Lead Me Forward that can be found here. They are collectively called “1,000 Tips to Becoming a Better You.”


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