Change is scary. Obedience is scarier.

God’s plan is bigger than we are.

1000 Tips 82 God bigger than we areI have a confession. I struggle with this sometimes. Not in the way I think my plans are bigger and better than God’s, but in the way that I sometimes doubt. Maybe not really doubt, but I will allow a small crack to penetrate my faith. If left unchecked, it will slowly grow into a bigger problem like a chip in a windshield does over time.

Call it uncertainty or just fading conviction… but I sometimes have a hard time seeing the forest from the trees when it comes to how God works. He truly is mysterious.

One thing that helps me is to admit how God truly is bigger in every way. My little brain is not made to understand or question His plan. This is hard for me in my own life, and equally difficult when it comes to my family and friends. I have to realize it’s not for me to comprehend, but to obey. And the obedience part can be as scary as the acceptance part.

When change is involved, we can be conflicted by the shift or transition our lives take. I think lots of us get used to a routine or schedule. And, suddenly when something changes we go into panic mode or survival mode. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Lots of things God puts in our path are for the better. We sometimes just don’t know because of the fear of the unknown. Our comfort zone is not God’s construction zone. He builds us when we are uncomfortable and unguarded. It’s one of the most amazing things about His power and passion for us.

While I might not like the rug of life being pulled out from under me or my friends, I have to remind myself it may be time to let go of the matted, old rug for a new place to stand strong.

Yep, that can be scary. True courage is following in faith. God’s plans are bigger than we will ever be.

The heart of man plans his way,
but the Lord establishes his steps.
Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

Trey Campbell,

*The photo above is part of a collection of truths, motivation, and wisdom from Lead Me Forward that can be found here. They are collectively called “1,000 Tips to Becoming a Better You.”


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