Surprising God

Yes, I fully realize you can’t surprise God. But stay with me on this. You may just surprise yourself.

On the brink of a dear friend’s 30th birthday, and in the course of conversation, she made the following statement:

“I’m excited to find out what God has
planned for me at 30.”

God planI thought this statement was somewhat insightful. After all, she was looking forward to the path God has chosen for her life. For some reason, her statement stayed with me like yesterday’s leftovers – in a good way though.

I couldn’t immediately put my finger on it, but it made me think. I often think about what God has in store for me too at my age. In a few weeks, I will celebrate another year on this rock. I can say this with confidence: whatever it will be, the best is yet to come!

What if the situation was reversed from my friend’s statement above? What if the statement became this?

“I’m excited for God to find out
what I have planned for him.”

1000 Tips 14 greatnessThis statement has to do with taking control of our reason for creation and being active in seeking God’s will for ourselves. Though God is omniscient, what if we lived each day so as to try to surprise God in a good way? What if we rocked His universe by knocking His socks off in how we live, lead, and love? What if we made him turn His head to notice us or do a double take – not for the sinner we are, but for the saint we can try to be?

If we claim to be a Christ-follower, how we live our life determines who we are through Christ. At this very moment, can you look in the mirror and say God will be excited to know what you have planned for Him today? The irony of a plan is it has no value until acted on and results are garnered. That means you need to make things happen and have a consequence from those actions favorable to your original intent.

With that in mind… yeah, I’m pretty excited for both what God has planned for me and what I have planned for God. Obedience and actionable steps for desired results will be how I get through the day. How about you?

Trey Campbell,


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