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What does this mean? Well, put simply: the impact you have on others is not necessarily dependent on the capacities and measures you control. To be a person of meaning, you only have to rely on you (and God). You have more potential than you give yourself credit for, both in spite of and despite the means you have at your disposal.

Many people, both younger and older, with whom I’ve come to know and love are often operating their lives under what I would call a false assumption. Many figure they will make a greater impact later in their life rather than in the present. Don’t you sometimes find yourself waiting for the perfect time? Sure, we all do! It’s called selective procrastination. The problem comes up when we find ourselves unconcerned with this. Complacency, after all, is a tool of the devil. Not doing the things you are capable of is the same as not doing anything at all.

This is not a practical approach for those who wish to use the talents, gifts, and resources God has bestowed them with to be a person of meaning, especially a person of meaning to His Kingdom. To be honest, we are not promised tomorrow. It’s a flawed logic when the belief of what can be done now will not be as effective as what can be done later assuming our means and influence will be greater than at the present.

person of meaning quote

I think Michael Josephson got it right in his quote above. Anyone with character will place a higher value on significance over success. To be a person of meaning is to be a person of purpose.

There’s sometimes a desire to establish an identity and a certain level of desired comfort for oneself before maximizing our impact. This is human nature – the want to be comfortable (notice I didn’t say need?). The objective itself is not intended to be selfish, but it does stifle personal growth and spiritual maturity.

In a past blog I wrote, “Giving up is the most unacceptable form of giving.” To correct myself, not giving is actually the MOST unacceptable form of giving. Why is this? It’s because God did not intend for us to be inactive with our time, money, and other resources.

THE TIME IS NOW! The question is, “Why wait?” If we wait until “the time is right,” our means to help are diminished because the need may have passed. Don’t let this happen to you! Your meaning and purpose are too precious to those who need you now! Friendship, time spent, words of affirmation, hugs, sharing laughs, and wise counsel are way more important now than waiting for the perfect timing or a comfortable financial state. Lead, live, learn, and love!

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it. – James 4:17

Trey Campbell,

*The photo at the top of this post is part of a collection of truths, motivation, and wisdom from Lead Me Forward that can be found here. They are collectively called “1,000 Tips to Becoming a Better You.”


Change is scary. Obedience is scarier.

God’s plan is bigger than we are.

1000 Tips 82 God bigger than we areI have a confession. I struggle with this sometimes. Not in the way I think my plans are bigger and better than God’s, but in the way that I sometimes doubt. Maybe not really doubt, but I will allow a small crack to penetrate my faith. If left unchecked, it will slowly grow into a bigger problem like a chip in a windshield does over time.

Call it uncertainty or just fading conviction… but I sometimes have a hard time seeing the forest from the trees when it comes to how God works. He truly is mysterious.

One thing that helps me is to admit how God truly is bigger in every way. My little brain is not made to understand or question His plan. This is hard for me in my own life, and equally difficult when it comes to my family and friends. I have to realize it’s not for me to comprehend, but to obey. And the obedience part can be as scary as the acceptance part.

When change is involved, we can be conflicted by the shift or transition our lives take. I think lots of us get used to a routine or schedule. And, suddenly when something changes we go into panic mode or survival mode. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Lots of things God puts in our path are for the better. We sometimes just don’t know because of the fear of the unknown. Our comfort zone is not God’s construction zone. He builds us when we are uncomfortable and unguarded. It’s one of the most amazing things about His power and passion for us.

While I might not like the rug of life being pulled out from under me or my friends, I have to remind myself it may be time to let go of the matted, old rug for a new place to stand strong.

Yep, that can be scary. True courage is following in faith. God’s plans are bigger than we will ever be.

The heart of man plans his way,
but the Lord establishes his steps.
Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

Trey Campbell,

*The photo above is part of a collection of truths, motivation, and wisdom from Lead Me Forward that can be found here. They are collectively called “1,000 Tips to Becoming a Better You.”

When did you start telling yourself lies?

While I don’t usually get too shocked when a young person opens up about something personal, I’m still amazed every time they find themselves in confidence withdrawal. low self worthWhat I mean by this is how they are short on confidence, but long on the lies they tell themselves. Their confidence sinks to a whole new low – most often from their own low value of self.

One of the many ways we learn is through repetition. The things we tell ourselves over and over are the things we start to believe. In essence, we become as we think; we are as we tell ourselves. When we tell ourselves lies, our self-worth plummets into free fall like a raindrop in the wind.

One thing I always wonder in my head… when did you start telling yourself lies? Why do you look in the mirror and say you are unworthy? Say you are ugly? Say you are fat? Say you are not loved? Why would you have thoughts of hurting yourself? Why do you cut? What would drive you to the pain you feel? What kind of pain drove you to the numbness you feel?

Half the time, the answer is: someone told you _________________ before you told yourself – and you believed them. You bought the manure they were spreading and fertilized your insecurities. 

The easy answer is to stop telling yourself these lies. However, we’re all aware how anything that has an obvious answer is never as simple as it seems. If you are in a rut of depression or swimming in a pool of self-loath, know this: you are not alone. Our insecurities are all too often secret commonalities. We all have them.

The key is to put your pride aside and seek help. Help can come in all forms. It might be counseling or therapy (nothing wrong with this option), seeking accountability from a friend, getting new friends, seeking solace in your faith, or participating in positive reinforcement exercises. Quit listening to others who tear you down and quit listening to yourself when you say the same hurtful things.

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is sparrowforgotten before God. Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.
– Luke 12:6-7

Yes, you are more important that any number of sparrows. God loves you and wants a relationship with you. You can deny Him, but you can’t deny His love for you. Acceptance begins a wonderful healing process. It doesn’t matter when you started telling yourself lies. It matters when you stop.

Trey Campbell,
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Surprising God

Yes, I fully realize you can’t surprise God. But stay with me on this. You may just surprise yourself.

On the brink of a dear friend’s 30th birthday, and in the course of conversation, she made the following statement:

“I’m excited to find out what God has
planned for me at 30.”

God planI thought this statement was somewhat insightful. After all, she was looking forward to the path God has chosen for her life. For some reason, her statement stayed with me like yesterday’s leftovers – in a good way though.

I couldn’t immediately put my finger on it, but it made me think. I often think about what God has in store for me too at my age. In a few weeks, I will celebrate another year on this rock. I can say this with confidence: whatever it will be, the best is yet to come!

What if the situation was reversed from my friend’s statement above? What if the statement became this?

“I’m excited for God to find out
what I have planned for him.”

1000 Tips 14 greatnessThis statement has to do with taking control of our reason for creation and being active in seeking God’s will for ourselves. Though God is omniscient, what if we lived each day so as to try to surprise God in a good way? What if we rocked His universe by knocking His socks off in how we live, lead, and love? What if we made him turn His head to notice us or do a double take – not for the sinner we are, but for the saint we can try to be?

If we claim to be a Christ-follower, how we live our life determines who we are through Christ. At this very moment, can you look in the mirror and say God will be excited to know what you have planned for Him today? The irony of a plan is it has no value until acted on and results are garnered. That means you need to make things happen and have a consequence from those actions favorable to your original intent.

With that in mind… yeah, I’m pretty excited for both what God has planned for me and what I have planned for God. Obedience and actionable steps for desired results will be how I get through the day. How about you?

Trey Campbell,