The “Uns” of God’s calling for you

call-from-godWhen God calls on you to live the purpose for which you were created, will you answer? If you are a faithful Christian, you want to answer yes… but do you have faith bigger than a mustard seed?  You see, I ask this because we are often afraid of the unknown. It’s always a safe bet God’s calling for your life will involve one or more of these “uns.” Let me speak truth for a moment, as we all experience this at one time or another.

Uncomfortable – If God’s own son and all of his disciples and the apostles of the early church lived a life of discomfort to share the Gospel and build His Kingdom, then yes, we will likely be asked to get out of our comfort zone. We are promised rewards in Heaven, but not on earth.

Untimely – It’s typical our expectation of time and God’s are not on the same frequency, or time-space continuum for that matter. His doesn’t ask us for our preferences or for a desired timeline for when he should speak to us through the Holy Spirit and intercede in our lives. What’s funny is, though we may not always realize it, His timing is not only perfect… it’s everything.

Unfamiliar – Sometimes following God’s path for us has us taking a detour in the life we have led to that point. He ushers in change like the ebb and flow of the tide. We can surf the wave or be overwhelmed by it. The good news is God is our personal lifeguard – just like when Jesus extended his hand when Paul was walking on water with him and lost his faith. We can take His hand and get back in the boat and reset our course.

Unfair – I think back to the heroes of the Bible and those who followed who suffered and even died for their faith. Was it fair they had a fate of being persecuted, stoned, or even crucified? Even today there are martyrs such as those in the Middle East who have been beheaded or burned alive by ISIS because of their beliefs. Our calling can put us in some situations that seem unfair. Life isn’t fair. And neither is following our God in a broken world.

Keep in mind it’s completely normal to have a few or more of the above “uns” when we find our true calling and purpose. In fact, there are many in the Bible who had a bad case of the “uns.” Paul was blinded temporarily to get his attention, Jacob wrestled with God and hurt his hip, Job lost everything he had including his health, and Mary was a teen mom.

To combat the “uns” in order to be obedient, we have to give in to another set of “uns.”

Uncompromising – To be uncompromising is to show an unwillingness to make concessions or give in to others, and more specifically, to give in to the world. To use some more “uns,” it’s to be unshakable, unrelenting, and unbending. Don’t compromise with the enemy by letting your guard down. Don’t compromise your values, morals, and principles by giving in to a sinful lifestyle. Be bold in how you live and how you love.

chainUnchained – To follow our calling, we have to have no chains holding us back. These can be chains of sin, chains of complacency, or chains of excuses. Each link represents something holding us back. The longer the chains, the harder to break free. For Paul it was literal chains when he was in prison. He didn’t let that stop him from preaching and encouraging through his writing and letters that became most of the New Testament. and we shouldn’t either.

Unintentional – It’s a good thing to be intentional, but we should be unintentional when it comes to allowing the Spirit to works through us. A wildfire grows by spreading as the wind would take it. It doesn’t use Google Maps to find the shortest route to torch its path. Be like that wildfire. Allow the Spirit to direct your steps. Be unintentional by allowing him to be intentional. Let the Spirit be the wind to your fire!

And there you have it! We tend to make God’s calling for us much more mysterious and complicated than it needs to be.

follow-god-signHis will for us is to follow Him. To follow Him, we need to be involved in His direction. To do this, we need to be fully committed. To be committed, we need to get a feel for what our role will be for what He is using us for in service to His Kingdom. Remember it’s a marathon, not a trip from the couch to the kitchen.

With love,
Trey Campbell,
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