With controllables, it’s all about the process – not the results

“Controllables are process-oriented, not results-oriented.”

Amy Pigozzi
Amy poses with a family who bought educational products from her. In running her own business, Amy makes process-oriented decisions that yield desirable results.

This was a phrase uttered by Amy Pigozzi, an Associate Sales Leader with Southwestern Advantage, during a recent focus group that caught my attention. It got me thinking about more than the question or topic it was a response to.

The word “controllables” is part of a driving principle and an undeniable mantra we’ve had for many, many years at Southwestern Advantage (est. in 1855). The complete phrase is “control the contollables.” This means you should only worry only about the things that are in your power to control. All other things are not in your control and are of no matter, yet keep in mind they are of consequence. If you are truly focused on controlling the controllables, then you will have all your efforts based on the things you can change or improve – such as your attitude, for example.

However, getting back to Amy’s phrase above that triggered my thought process… those things that are controllable are based on the PROCESS and not the RESULTS, as she noted. It’s the process we control to get to the results.

This is evidenced everyday in our lives. If we are hungry, we eat. But if we are trying to lose weight, we might make the choice to eat a salad rather than a burger and fries. The reasoning of eating the healthier option is part of a process that yields a specific result. This controlled decision was process-oriented.

What’s more is, we are in a constant process ourselves. In order to get to our final results, our lives are one big jumble of both controllables and uncontrollables. Knowing where to put our focus helps us get through life a little more seamlessly than if we try to problem-solve those things we can not really do anything about or effect.

That brings me to a verse in Proverbs 19:

Many are the plans of a man’s heart,
but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
– Proverbs 19:21

We all have plans for our lives, but it’s God’s purpose for us that wins out and carries the day. His purpose is in the uncontrollable category. But some of the ways we fulfill our purpose, however, are in our control. The key is to make our plans as part of the process so we can obtain the desired results – the Lord’s prevailing purpose.

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