Why we fail at becoming better future versions of our present self

The way I see it, the future you will either thank the past you or want to beat the past you.

That’s right. The future you will either be pleased with how you spend your time in the present or be upset or disappointed with how you wasted your time, resources, opportunities, and potential.

At a professional trade association conference for direct selling I attended in Phoenix, I was captivated by the messages of the keynote speaker. He was Daniel Burrus, who titles himself a Business Strategist and Global Futurist. And by all accounts, he is good at what he does. He is founder and CEO of Burrus Research and author of a number of books. What I found even more interesting was he is known as a technology forecaster. In other words, he basically spots and predicts technology trends to help his clients make the most of unforeseen opportunities. It’s cool stuff.

He said many things that made lots of sense, but when talking about predicting future trends, he made the following statement:

“How you view the future shapes
how you act in the present.”

While probably common sense, this statement was very adept. The reason being, many people do not act in the present like their future outcomes depends on it. I’ve found this to be true many times over. So here’s a question: do you live in the present only, or are you living in the present with a purpose – that purpose being the future?

It matters because the next second will be the future, making the present no longer the present… it’s over. It becomes the past. All we do should be in consideration of our future. Just like Mr. Burrus made reference to: our view of the future should determine how we act in the present. Should. This is not always the case, is it? We often fail at becoming better future versions of our present self for the following five reasons:

  1. Complacency – We get comfortable with our present situation without consideration of how our current satisfaction affects the our future growth. Ruts in our life become accepted mediocrity.
  2. Self-centered – Being selfish has the chance to ruin opportunity. It wrecks the overall development of service to others by focusing on ourselves.
  3. Lack of foresight – Also known as a lack of vision, this tends to hold us back. When we do not have a plan, we can not have goals and vice-versa. This short-sightedness stunts who we will one day be.
  4. Lack of confidence – When we fear both the known and unknown, we shrink from challenge. Fear, doubt, uncertainty, and apprehension are all culprits for not reaching our potential. Confidence is the gateway to overcoming obstacles.
  5. Lack of faith – This is a big one! Whether it is not believing in our self or not believing in our Creator – we are destined to walk a lonely walk. Faith is the greatest attribute a Christian can have when it comes to who you have the potential to become – in this world and the next.

Future you quoteSo, there you have it. The greatest thing about the future is it is not yet determined. Mr. Burrus has it right. If we change our actions, we change out future. These five items can be altered so the future you does not hunt you down in the event time travel is ever possible. God gave us a mind to think, to learn, and produce. It’s a disservice to Him and ourselves to waste our potential and our purpose.

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