Monthly Archives: December 2015

Just something about this time of year

by Erica Pearson,

I’ve overheard so many conversations lately that go a little something like this:

“You know…I’ve always waited til after thanksgiving but I just really couldn’t wait to get my Christmas started!”

“Something just feels different this year… I’m so ready for Christmas…”

“I could not wait to decorate this year!”

I’ve observed and contemplated the question of why is it that one monthPeace on Earth Christmas out of the entire year everything just feels peaceful? While the holidays can bring great stress, it is my experience that most people still have a little extra sparkle in their eyes.

The entire world even feels a bit more at rest.  The power behind Christmas Eve even moved some troops in 1914 to call the famous “Christmas Truce.”

So, what is it?  It can’t be the sudden surge in retail therapy. One popular song gives us a hint:

“Christmas time is here….oh that we could feel such spirit through the year.”

Has it ever crossed your mind… that this is the only time of year… when virtually everywhere you go the very Son Of God is being proclaimed… by believers and nonbelievers alike?

Suddenly being politically correct is thrown out the window.  Yeah yeah… red cup debacle aside… whole Happy Holiday vs. Merry Christmas aside… think about it…

I turn on my radio… I go shopping… I turn on the television and on every major channel… even if they refuse to say the words “Merry Christmas” I still hear:

“Silent Night”

“O Come Let Us Adore Him”

“It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”

“The Little Drummer Boy”

…insert favorite Christmas carol here…

I think of the strength the Holy Spirit MUST have when the world stops and takes notice of the very moment in history when God stepped into our world in order to save us all.

I don’t underestimate my God for one moment.

I believe with every fiber of my being that He can use any medium for His Glory and when the airways are suddenly filled with the name of His beloved Son He stops and takes Notice!

The result is a small glimpse, a quick breathtaking moment of what could take place year-round when the multitudes continue to praise Him even AFTER the tree comes down and the presents are all unwrapped.

In light of “all that’s going on in our world,” let’s be renewed and revived more than ever to take that message and run with it.  When people talk about the “joy of the season,” see that as your wide-open door to discuss the peace that passes all understanding.  When people are in awe of the “wonder of the year,” bring up the Wonder of the Entire World – the very truth that a baby wrapped in humanity changed the world and still changes lives!

Recognize this year that the only reason the “spirit” of this season is so different is because for one brilliant month, the very “SPIRIT” of the Living God is invited into lives and it is up to us to help people recognize the very power of the invitation they are given!