Forget the storms and focus on your faith

Leap without looking!

This is a faith-based principle also known as “risk-taking.” However… know this:
Anytime you do something by pure faith, that faith replaces all risk involved. 

To leap without looking in a spiritual sense is making decisions and choices by faith, which is putting all your trust in God.   When you have faith strong enough, you can leap without looking because you know God will catch you!

Peter dangerAnother way to look at it: sink or swim? An example of taking a literal leap of faith in our lives would be what we can learn from Peter’s leap off the fishing boat and into the water (Matthew 14:22-36). When Jesus approached the boat in the early morning hours through the heavy wind, Peter called out, “Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.” Jesus told him to come. Without hesitation, Peter went over the side of the boat and began to walk toward Jesus on the water. Upon succumbing to the situation around him, Peter lost some of his faith and began to sink. Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. “You have so little faith,” Jesus said. “Why did you doubt me?”

When they returned to the boat, the winds stopped.

The storm or heavy winds are an important part to this story that can easily be lost – especially with the miracle taking place. Here’s the point: we let the storms of our lives get in the way of our focus on faith. We look around, survey a situation, and react to what we see rather than placing our trust in God – who is right there in front of us. We lose our faith.

How can we blindly leap if we are afraid of falling? This is hard! When Peter started doubting, he began to go under. This happens to us in all kinds of situations where we lose our focus on faith and try to make it on our own. When we rely on ourselves, we will falter like Peter and end up treading water. The problem is, the water is deep and nowhere near land.

Let Peter’s swim lesson be a lesson to us all. Practice your faith daily. It takes faith to practice faith. To leap without looking is a leap of faith.

My own personal leap of faith in 2011... out of an airplane!
My own personal leap of faith in 2011… out of an airplane! 
*This blog is an excerpt from a presentation by Trey Campbell and Tabitha Taylor to the student managers and sales managers during a "Spiritual Time-Out" at a Southwestern Advantage meeting in Chicago in 2014. 

by Trey Campbell,


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