Spirit-filled Leadership Series Vol. 4: ACTION > IACT ON > I ACT ON…

Action! It’s not just what is yelled by a Director to signify the filming of a scene for a movie. The word is intense! It denotes power and movement! The Bible has lots to say about action. Not to mention, it also says a lot about the opposite of action.

God wants us to be active. He designed us that way. Complacency and idleness are acts of treason in the Kingdom of Heaven. We were given two hands, two arms, two legs, two feet, two eyes, and two ears . We were given a mind to understand and conceptualize our faith. We were given a mouth to verbalize our faith. You put all this together and it makes one powerful tool to be one powerful witness. Only… sometimes (actually, many times) we are more like the the person referred to in Proverbs 22:13.

lion faceThe lazy person claims, “There’s a lion out there! If I go outside, I will be killed.”
                                                                           – Proverbs 22:13

If we live a lazy life thinking a lion will get us every time we venture out, we will end up not only regretting our inactivity, but with a short resume of spirituals wins. In fact, if you think about it, isn’t the point of the verse to show how silly it is to be afraid of a lion getting you? It drives home the point that laziness leads to ridiculousness. I mean, unless you live in an area prone to lion attacks, you need to get out and make things happen! It turns out both indifference and fear are leading contributors to inactivity.

We’ll never experience the rewards of our positive, meaningful, and intentional actions without some kind of flurrying activity. We will never truly live the life of a Christian, no matter how much we convince ourselves with words, without the hoopla of some kind of happening. Being a Christian simply involves a certain level of activity.

Being active needs to be applied to all aspects of our lives. Here’s a positive sequence I use to help keep me motivated to act. You may find this easy to remember:

action logo 2

By taking the word “action,” you can move the “i” to the front and have the phrase “I ACT ON.” So, what is it for you that you will act on? This is not only a personal responsibility each and every day, but a responsibility we have in living out our faith. For me, I attempt to act on the following, sometimes successful and sometimes not:

I act on… my faith
I act on… my principles
I act on… my beliefs
I act on… my reputation
I act on… my understanding of the Bible

Jesus acted. He was a Messiah of action. He didn’t stay in his home building chairs or whatever a carpenter built back then. He got out an mixed things up – from healing the sick and lame to flipping tables in the synagogue.

What will you act on today? Will you leave the comfort inside to face the “lions” on the outside? Action begets results. Let’s get to work.



1 thought on “Spirit-filled Leadership Series Vol. 4: ACTION > IACT ON > I ACT ON…

  1. Yes, Jesus left His Heavenly Home of royalty and glory to Act On and to fulfill the will of the Father and save us from our sins!!!!

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