My loneliness has found a home

By Mishelle Phillips,

Is anyone like me and you are so afraid of other people’s perception that sometimes you don’t put the really good stuff out there? For example, being a Christian…

Depending on the crowd and the amount of time I have to explain myself, I feel anxious about the “label” of Christian; not because of what the REALITY of being a Christian is, but rather what others will THINK that means. Something like, “So that’s where you say a Box churchprayer to Jesus, so you won’t go to hell and burn forever, and then you crawl in this big box called “church”, check your brain upon entering,  stop doing all the fun stuff, start acting like all the other people in the box… and above all, be vigilant about keeping the box clean, allowing no one in unless they agree to all the aforementioned terms.” Well that’s just awful!

The REALITY for me has been… I feel lost in myself, afraid of being alone in life, of Enoughnever being enough. But Jesus, this Christ that makes me a “Christian”, IS that ENOUGH. Coming to the REALITY of that has changed everything. The “lost-ness” is gone. My skin feels right on me. I am never alone, because He is my Home. That is something worth sharing! Who doesn’t want to know that He will be whatever they need? Who doesn’t need the Hope of Christ?



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