Faith comes from hearing

by Erica Pearson, 

walkmanI grew up in the age of The Walkman. I fondly remember adjusting headphones to fit my ears just right with scratchy little foam pads that too often fell off. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit baffled to learn of “headphones” that cost three-digits. I simply could not understand what made these seemingly simple devices so different? I mean…a speaker is a speaker… right?headphones This was my belief until Christmas morning. My sister-in-law came in sporting these new fancy headphones. I voiced my opinion and she just sheepishly grinned. Finding one of her favorite songs she placed the magical headphones on my ears. (Cue the hallelujah chorus!)


The sound that resonated in my ears was unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I was an instant fan. My emotions swelled as I was taken to another place in my mind. I was amazed at how this device captured every single small detail of the music. It was as if a symphony was inside my head!

Romans 10:17 reads “faith comes from hearing…”

Too often I find myself “thinking” silently. While there is a time and place for quiet reflection, God’s word tells us that FAITH comes through HEARING. It does not read “now faith comes through thinking.” For me this is a difficult challenge because I am by nature a thinker. I ponder. In truth, I drive myself crazy because I think too much! Anxieties and worries rattle around in my head like a washing machine set on a perpetual spin cycle.

Recently, I put Romans 10:17 to the test.

With a New Year’s Resolution to not sleep in and be sure to start each day with a devotion, I awoke and settled into my recliner with my Bible, and of course a steaming hot cup of coffee. I quietly and read Romans 15:13, “May the God of hope fill you with much joy and peace while you trust in Him, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in Hope.”

My mind began to wander and dwell on all my many worries. I felt my stress level begin to rise.

I whispered, “God of hope fill me with joy…”

To speak into the silence was unnerving. In the quiet of the morning, with only the ticking of the clock, to hear my voice was strange and unsettling. I could hear my own plea. In my voice I heard my weariness. Yet, I also felt a twinge of peace. So again I spoke, “God of hope fill me with joy…”

There it was again. It felt a little deeper this time – a sense of peace. And just like that, my faith in His ability to take charge of my worries began to grow.

Then it struck me.

hearing earcupHearing……is……BELIEVING and Faith……comes through……HEARING.

Like a brand new set of headphones that allows you to hear something old as if you were hearing it for the first time, hearing His Word is believing.

Moreover, hearing Yourself speak His word is life changing!

You can sit in a church and hear it spoken to you. You can listen to the local Christian radio station and hear it sung to you. Nothing will ever compare to the moment your own heart hears your own voice proclaim His word over your own personal life.


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