Divine Intersections: The Action of Loving and Living

by Trey Campbell, treycampbell1010@gmail.com

Bear with me… I’m going to try and tie two things together here that may be an “a-ha” moment.  They include: the sudden and unexpected death of a friend and some words that hit me upside the head in a book I read.  I hope by sharing this, it will make a difference in your life – now and forever.

Chris AdamsIt’s been a rough week.  Christopher Edward John Adams, a coworker, friend, and mentor passed this last week in a motorcycle accident.  Working with a team from work, we put together a memorial for him that was live-streamed literally all over the world (click for memorial video here).  His friend, Tom Ball, put together a Facebook Group tribute page to the wonderful life and times of Chris Adams.  I get both chills and a lump in my throat every time I read a testimony as to the reach Chris had and how he changed lives.  As such, my week was consumed with honoring a man who made a real difference in the lives of THOUSANDS of people through his vision, passion, and leadership.

Love Does by Bob GoffIn God’s timing, I recently finished reading a book I highly recommend.  It’s titled Love Does by a whimsical dreamer named Bob Goff.  Bob is an amazing storyteller who actually has amazing stories to tell. He is an adventurer who flies by the seat of his pants, most often finding the best God has to offer through seeking out the best people have to offer.

In his epilogue, Bob wrote something that caught my attention.  Bob is always moving fast toward whatever comes next for him and then he just does it.  He asks the reader the question, “What’s your next step?”  While explaining how we are all here for a reason, he wrote this:

“God decided to have us intersect history, not at just any time, but at this time.”

What does this sentence mean to you?  How do you interpret it?  Do you see its importance?

For one, it helped me set up and verbalize my personal tribute to Chris Adams:

We all have stories. Memories. Encounters. Adventures. Most often, these are with others. Throughout life, our paths intersect. I call it a divine intersection. I firmly believe without a shadow of a doubt it was no accident or coincidence God placed Chris Adams in our lives. We can all say we intersected with greatness. Because we have.

Here’s the part where I connect the two.  Bob made it clear to me how God has us intersecting history at this particular moment to impact where he wants us to.  I’ll take this a step further and tell you it’s not only about where you are, but whose life you intersect.

Bob’s point is God knew what He was doing when he created you.  It’s also no random coincidence it is here and now.  How we choose to make the most of our opportunity in life is up to us.  Bob chooses to do it by loving others in a big way.  Like how he pursued his wife, Sweet Maria.  Like how he has helped victims of the sex trade in Uganda and India.  Or like how he has worked to build relationships with world leaders through the innocence and curiosity of his children.

Chris made the most of his life.  He had purpose and lived it out by inspiring others to their own greatness.  Whether helping people be successful, mentoring young people, or teaching us all about helping and serving others, Chris will surely be missed.  His was a life ended too short, but his intersection with all who knew him will live on!

I love how Bob lives his life with a purpose.  He uses love as an verb rather than a noun.  I also love how Chris lived his life.  Chris’ entire life was like a verb – full of action.

The theme of Love Does is that when there is an action associated with love, life is much more meaningful.  You see, when love does, the impact and imprint love leaves is greater than a Hallmark card and lasts longer than a footprint on the beach.  When life does, you have the kind of imprint Chris left behind.  The divine intersection in this case was where loving and living met.

Rest in Peace, Chris.  You intersected with thousands of people who will forever be grateful.  As for me, I have a new outlook for the kind of impact I want to make.  Love does. Life does.  I will do.



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