Who’s flying your kite?

by Erica Pearson, ericalovesbooks@gmail.combeach kite

I recently observed a little girl flying a kite with her mother on the beach. It was one of those rare, sweet moments when life slows down and comes into focus giving you a clear view of all that truly matters in this world. I was so pleased to see a child choosing an activity that did not require a wireless connection or 4G help.

At first, the little girl was letting her mother do all the work and was just running around blissfully enjoying the kite in flight. Then she caught a glimpse of me watching. She proudly walked up and boldly took a hold of the kite string. She looked back to make sure I was watching as if to say “see what I am doing!” At that moment, I could tell she truly thought she was 100% in charge. Little did she know, that one simple gust of wind would have sent that kite so high she would have never retrieved her prized possession. It was only the strong grip of her mother’s hand behind her that allowed the kite to dance unhindered with the clouds above. That same strong grip also allowed the little girl to experience all the joy without the stress or worry of losing control.

What a beautiful, living, breathing representation of Proverbs 16:3:

Commit your works to the LORD
and your plans will be established.

Do you know the freedom of giving the string to a stronger, firmer hand? As you walk through life, are you blissfully enjoying your steps with the knowledge of who is really in control, or are you panicking with every gust of wind and struggling trying to hold on?

Take a lesson from a sweet, care-free young girl. Give the control to one who has a much better view. God takes pleasure in watching you enjoy life. He laughs and sings over you. He LOVES to watch you walk in freedom. He won’t fight you for the string, though. He leaves that choice up to you. You see that little girl never ONCE fought her mother for the control. She just gently walked up and joined her with full confidence. He sees your struggle. Will you choose to let Him have control today? Trust me… it’s way more FUN!


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