Recycling procrastinations and a basket full of sin

by Trey Campbell,

hiking in woodsI’ll just come out and say it… I love the planet.  I’m not really a granola-loving tree-hugger, but I do what I can to be a helpful global citizen.  Therefore, my family and I recycle.  I enjoy hiking in the woods, running the river in my kayak, or sitting around a campfire under the stars.  As such, I try to keep the planet clean so my kids, and their kids, and so on can have the same great experiences.

Our primary recycling endeavors circle around two laundry baskets in our garage neatly tucked under my work table.  If it’s plastic, paper, or cardboard, you can bet it’s probably going to see the inside of one of the two baskets. I’m not militant about the whole recycling thing, but I feel I can (and should) do my small, individual part.

When the baskets get full, I luckily have a place to dump them – a recycling dumpster at my office.  No lines.  No separation.  No hassle.  Recycling should be this easy for everyone!  I’ll load the baskets in the trunk of my little Honda Accord and off I go.

A day or two will go by and a collection of water bottles and various cardboard food boxesrecycles photo will amass on the kitchen counter.  Why?!?  Because I forgot about the baskets full of recyclables in my trunk.  I didn’t complete the mission.  For several days, I was carrying a load unnecessarily – a small burden placed upon my entire family with plastic piled up in the kitchen on what would otherwise be prime counter real estate.

We tend to do this often – but not with plastic and paper.  We do it with sin.  We carry our
sin around just like those baskets in my trunk.  Why not just empty the baskets?  Why not take care of it so as to not create a plastic traffic jam on the counter top?  I ask this because, no matter what our intention, is it not similar with sin?  Why not simply unload our sins by asking for forgiveness?  Why do we pile up our sins just like those overloaded baskets in my trunk?  I guess you can say I have the best intentions of being a “green Christian” but fail in my efforts by not getting rid of my sins as often as I should.

From Isaiah 1:18:

“No matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can remove it. I can make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you as white as wool.”  

God takes our “baskets” and allows us to empty them.  We will undoubtedly refill them. Realizing this, I’ll be emptying my sin baskets more often.  The irony of my story… I tend to recycle my sins.  That’s my next thing to work on. How about you?


8 thoughts on “Recycling procrastinations and a basket full of sin

  1. So is the issue that we don’t really believe God can or will remove our sins, or do we take our sins too lightly and are not grieved enough to give them to God to forgive, or do we get too busy and forget that we have sins to deal with, or are we too “comfortable” with our sins so we hang on to them instead of having to go through the motions of confessing and repenting and trusting God to forgive them?

    1. All good questions Roger! I think each question may pertain to all of us individually and by situation. I think the “busy” and “comfortable” ones are of particular importance to me because that is what I hear many people I talk to tell me. And, being honest, I think I also fall into these traps. So, I say to you – all of the above is the issue. Thanks for reading and always bringing good comments for discussion!

  2. I’ll be chewing on this one for a while. Got me thinking about those things I put off cause I don’t see the full effect. Kinda like….”will my little pile of plastic bottles really make a difference “…. But in that approach I miss the point entirely.

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