Spiritual workouts require gym-like effort

by Erica Pearson, ericalovesbooks@gmail.com

I do NOT like to work out. It’s not “fun” for me. I would much rather curl up with a good book and have all that curling magically form abs! I’m not one of those people who feel exuberant after a walk. No rush of “feel good” hormones to my brain to make me feel happy. Hey, I’m just being honest. Someone is shouting “Amen” right now.

Meh FacebookI recently read a Facebook status that just further justified my negative attitude towards the cause. It read “should not have taken a few weeks off #feelingmeh.” Now, for this couch potato I thought, “See there! Three short weeks and all that work is already gone!” At that exact moment I should have ducked, because the spiritual sucker punch hit me hard! The same weakness my runner friend was feeling is the exact same kind of spiritual exhaustion I had felt just weeks earlier.

I fight a battle every single day. It is a war with something I cannot easily escape. I kind of need it to survive. My mind is not always my friend. I am often assaulted with very negative thoughts. Here recently I got in a real funk. I was just “low”. After about three weeks of trying to fight it off without any real work, I thought out loud (literally)… “That’s it Satan, I’ve had it! Today… you… lose,” and I drove myself to the nearest Christian bookstore.

In hindsight, I realize this was the very equivalent to running to the gym and picking up a weight. I have been spiritually working out long enough to know exactly what I needed and I ran right to the “M” section to find the perfect Beth Moore fit for me (pause for a woot woot for Beth). Her book Get Out Of That Pit jumped right into my waiting hands. In the intro she writes:

“I’m writing to tell you I believe God has scheduled your fight out of the pit. You’re going to need to show up for it though…”

Just like a work out… you have to SHOW up. I had stopped showing up for my spiritual health. I had been running on Sunday Sermons and great worship music without really putting in any “gym” time.

Just like my friend who took some “time off”… I ran out of steam. I might not feel good after a walk, but I do it anyway. However, my spiritual workout NEVER lets me down. This journey in which I have begun to dig out of my pit has given me fresh oxygen to breathe again and renew my MIND. Just like exercising, there is not a “quick fix.” In our “there’s-an-app-for-that” society, we often want to get a daily Bible verse and call it a day. That might last us for a moment, but real results take place when we do the hard work.


3 thoughts on “Spiritual workouts require gym-like effort

  1. Yes we can’t just live our lives out by our feelings. We have to do what we know is the right thing even if it doesn’t feel good. We all need to be disciplined like the very disciples that Jesus calls us to be for His glory.

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