You can be lost and you can be found, but you can’t be both


by Trey Campbell,

Lost and foundThink about the concept of a “Lost and Found” box.  The contents have been lost by someone, yet found by someone else.  For a period of time – at least until claimed – they are both “lost and found.”

This does not hold true for us.  We can be lost or found, but we can not be lost and found.  The reason for this?  We are one or the other  in God’s eyes.  Not both.  This can be a concept that’s hard to grasp.

We are born lost.  When we submit our lives to the Holy Spirit, we make the transition from “lost” to “found.”  It’s a very big deal to feel the love and grace God has for us.  Once we are found, we are returned to our rightful owner – our Master, our Creator.

Last year, my oldest daughter, Madison, lost her 6th grade yearbook. She searched everywhere for it.  All over the house, under her bed, in her locker… but it was nowhere to be found.  It was given up for lost and gone forever.  Months later, a classmate struck up a conversation with her.  When Madison introduced herself, the young girl asked, “Are you Madison Campbell?”  It turns out she knew where Madison’s yearbook was.  It had been found and placed in the school’s drama closet.  ( I know, weird right?)  Madison and her yearbook were reunited.  When we are “found” and reunited with God, the jubilation experienced is 1,000 times more than the pleasure Madison experienced with locating the “lost forever” item – although she was pretty excited about that yearbook.

Too many times have I recently counseled young people who are “lost.” The ironic part is, they were in fact never lost by the Spirit.  They have just not found their way to him yet.  It’s okay.  The Holy Spirit is patient.  As a whole, we are not too dissimilar to the lost yearbook. Once we find our way back to our creator (aka our “owner”), it is a relationship we cherish and want to hold close.

Are you one of the lost items in the box waiting to be “found?”  If so, I encourage you to seek out the Holy Spirit and allow him to dwell with in you.  The Spirit lives in us and through us – all you have to do is ask.

Or have you come across someone who is lost in need of being found?  Take the necessary step to help them be claimed so they may experience God’s amazing grace!

 Amaze grace blogAmazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

Yeah, I see now.  I see with crystal-clear clarity.  I’m found.

*Call to Action: If you feel a little “lost” and would like to speak confidentially about where you are in your walk with God versus where you want to be, please contact myself, Erica Pearson or Tabitha Taylor (emails are above each post we have authored).  Each of us love to have “God-talk” and do it on a much more regular basis than you may think!  


2 thoughts on “You can be lost and you can be found, but you can’t be both

  1. i’m excited that we work in a company where we can share the Gospel and shine the Light of Christ. Let’s all go and share the Good News in all that we do. Being found is SO MUCH better than being lost!

    1. I am too, Roger! We are very lucky in that regard, as not everyone has the opportunity to share at work. Since we submit to a higher power, we are to share wherever and whenever. It’s so challenging, but so rewarding!

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