Fast Food Quiet Time

by Erica Pearson,

I missed my 4:00 appointment with the Lord.  I can’t believe I overslept on day one. I had great intentions.  I even set my alarm, albeit for 4:30….but hey, I set it!  Right?  I know trying to short Him 30 minutes is not a great start, but you need to understand. I LOVE my sleep! I absolutely adore sleep. So rest assured (pun intended), I did not like it one bit when I heard him whispering to me to meet him at 4 am, emphasis on the A and the M!

My normal start time is 5:30.  I hit the ground running.  I have to get all three children ready, myself ready, pack lunches, take care of the dog and leave the house by 6:30.  This is a somewhat maddening routine because children do not have the word “rush” in their vocabulary.  However, I do have it down to a science.

Now, this morning, I had to do my entire routine and somehow squeeze in my late appointment.  I herded all the children to the van, buckled them in, jumped in the front seat and grabbed my Bible.  

sausage biscuit 2I threw the book open and ravenously scarfed down a verse as if it were a sausage biscuit.  

Being very careful to try 
and chew slow before I swallowed the verse  down, however.  I wouldn’t want to choke on it.  I washed the verse down with my cup of coffee and I was on my way!

I had the play-by-play of my day running through my mind.  I was already stressing my post evaluation conversation that I knew was ahead of me in just a few short hours.  A conversation God knew existed (prompting the call for a 4 am meeting).  The morning ride to school is always a lively one with a 7-year-old, 4-year-old, and 16-month-old.  Yet, this morning, I heard God’s voice spoken quietly through my daughter’s voice.  She announced she would love to try and quote her Sunday Bible verse.  She began, “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them – Genesis 1:27.”

There it was, from the mouth of my little girl, life-giving words to fuel my day.  At a young age, here she was applying Sunday’s message to Monday’s needs. I was mentally struggling with feelings of insecurity that evaluations can stir up when I hear the words “HIS IMAGE”.  I am made in “HIS” image.

What in the world do I have to feel insecure about?  A child’s Sunday School lesson had spoken to my direct circumstance.  What a faithful God, who gives me grace when I slack and oversleep.  A God, who despite my attempt to overcompensate with a “fast food” quality of quiet time, would use my own young child to speak directly to me!

Are you struggling with your quiet time?  Trying to “cram it in” (like that sausage biscuit) and finding that you are failing miserably?  You are in good company.  But take heart!  4 amHe promises when you draw near to Him that He will draw near to you! James 4:8 says “Say a quiet yes to God and He will be there in no time! (MSG)”  Don’t give up!  As for me, I am setting my alarm… for… this is painful… 4 am.


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