15 minutes

by Trey Campbell, treycampbell1010@gmail.com

No doubt, you have heard the expression concerning “15 minutes of fame.”  You’ve probably even used it in conversation.  It’s a popular saying that’s often quoted and somewhat overused.  It implies each person wants to be famous and will have at least 15 minutes of fame during their lifetime.

Interestingly enough, if you look up the expression on Wikipedia, credit for it is given to Andy Warhol 15 min imageAndy Warhol who likely adapted it from a conversation at a photo shoot with photographer Nat Finkelstein.  In any case, this got me thinking about something far greater than all the one-hit wonders (in all genres of life) out there who clamor for their 15 minutes, and worse, squander it.

So here’s my question: What if everyone took advantage of 15 minutes of faith rather than fame?

Just think about the ripple effect this would have.  Fifteen minutes is not a lot of time.  But with God, time can stand still and these 15 60-second intervals can be more than enough time for the Holy Spirit to penetrate someone’s heart.  If we all made the most of 15 minutes of faith, it would be a sweeping platform to share Jesus.  It could be a catalyst that would lead to a once-in-a-lifetime foundation of faith for ourselves or others who need to hear the Word.

Now, let me be clear regarding my thought process here: 15 minutes of faith is not sitting through 15 minutes of a Sunday church service.  It’s taking an opportunity and making the most of it by taking action.  God offers these opportunities to us all the time when our paths cross with those who need what we can offer or share and vice-versa.  We need to recognize these opportunities and take Him up on them.  In fact, He presents many “15-minute” opportunities to us all the time.  Some challenge our faith and some build our faith.  It’s simply a matter of taking advantage of the opportunities when offered.

I had a 15-minute opportunity just the other day when a co-worker and I engaged in “God-talk.”  It started over Instant Messaging and ended with Linda asking me to pray for a struggling family member.  Being able to encourage one another to take a stand for our faith and bring it to the very people who need Jesus the most is the epitome of an opportunity.  In fact, this is the opportunity of a lifetime for any Christian – every time it presents itself!  She will be able to convert our discussion to be her “15 minutes of faith” for which she will share with the family member’s parents – who are new Christians – and eventually the young man himself. Taking the form of a domino effect, this will hopefully lead to additional 15-minute opportunities for Linda, and then the parents.

15 minutes stopwatchWith this expression being one that has endured over 45 years of pop culture vernacular, it seems to me 15 minutes of faith could endure even longer.  After all, has the Good News that is Jesus not endured over 2,000 years?

It’s amazing what a 15-minute investment can do in the hands of the Lord.  How can you make the best use of your 15 minutes of faith?


8 thoughts on “15 minutes

  1. Very good Trey; one thing we learn @ SW is not matter what happens to think 3 positive thoughts about the situation. Maybe we should also think of a thank you to our Heavenly Father for whatever is testing us & look to his guidance & acceptance of our plight.

    1. Dave – over the past 15 years, I have learned more from Southwestern Advantage and great mentors there than I could have ever imagined. Whenever we have those three positive thoughts, they will always overcome a negative one. Keep sharing your faith! And keep reading!

  2. Trey will never begin to know how he touched my heart that morning. It started with just an IM and I wanted him to go away. The IM went on for several minutes, all the while, I’m struggling with tears. I ended up pouring my heart out to him. You just can’t tell me that wasn’t a work of God on my heart. I had cried all the way to work that morning. You see, I have a nephew struggling with a drug addiction …. a nephew I love almost as much as my own daughter. I want him to turn his life over to Christ. I want him to be saved …. but those are things I want. He’s not at that point yet. But I can hope! That morning the song from Mandisa played, “Press On”. The lyrics are, “When I’m alone, when I’m afraid,
    When I have had all I can take
    Losing my grip, I start to slip away
    When I can hear the voice of doubt
    Inside my head, screaming loud
    Strengthen my faith, and help me say
    Today, today
    I will follow, I will press on”

    I hope today and everyday my nephew will Press On! He’s in church, he’s struggling with his faith and his addiction, but at least he is Pressing On!

    Thank you, Trey, for letting me pour my heart out to you that Friday morning and for touching my heart! There was a peace that came over me that day that I haven’t felt in a long time.

    1. Linda – thank you for sharing and for believing in me enough to share what you were going through. God always knows when we need someone to listen. He always gives us words of encouragement for others. I am glad I could be there just at the right time. Keep praying and sharing. Your nephew’s heart will be won over by the Holy Spirit. All we can do is be the messenger. In time, he will know the peace that is God. Thank you for trusting me and being a part of helping you “Press On!”

  3. Linda, I know how much you love your nephew – it warms my heart to know that God used Trey on that day to pray with you so you’d have that peace only He can give! Trey, I can’t find the words – but thank you…I loved 15 minutes.

    1. Thanks Donna! I appreciate you! Keep reading – only more to come! God has a plan with purpose for my ministry, of which this blog is a good first step. I look forward to sharing the journey and bringing others into the fold!

  4. This is really a great and simple idea Trey. You are right, these 15 minutes of faith should not include our “church” time or small group time or even our prayer and bible study time. If we are truly Christ followers all of those things are a “given” in order to deepen our relationship with Jesus. But out of that investment in His Word, prayer and worship should come a love for His people whether they are lost, struggling or just need encouragement in simple little “God conversations”. We waste more time talking with each other about the weather or sports or whatever and miss those “life changing” or at least “day” changing opportunities that our God puts in front of us each day to be His hands and feet or ears and smiles. We have the Hope of Eternal Life, the Joy of the Holy Spirit and the Peace beyond understanding within us to share with the very ones that God purposely places in our lives and we can miss our opportunity to do the work of the Kingdom and shine His Light on them. What a privalege, what an honor! And it can be as little as a 15 minute investment of time that could change someone’s ETERNITY! Who knows…maybe we will get so excited about it that 15 minutes could turn into 20 or 30!

    1. Roger – I love what you said and how you said it! The best line: “It can be as little as a 15 minute investment of time that could change someone’s ETERNITY!” This is huge! I love how God works – you never know how the Spirit will work through us to impact others all in the name of furthering His Kingdom! Keep reading and thanks for the discussion!

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