Who knew Legos could reveal spiritual truth?

by Erica Pearson, ericalovesbooks@gmail.com

Lego image 123Prior to the fervor of the recently released Lego Movie, my little girl received Legos for Christmas.  And to my surprise, she really took to them well.

At first, I was not 100% convinced she would have the patience or the stamina it took to build with each individual piece.  I was pleased when she asked me to play with her.  I know one day my sweet little girl will become a teenager who longs for alone time, so I cherish every second she wants to spend with me.   

With permission granted, I settled in for some Lego-building fun.  Popcorn, check!  Sprite, check!  Let’s get to building! 

What I quickly realized, however, was my role in this playtime”was simply to be helper.  The task at hand was one she wanted and needed to complete herself.  She simply longed for my company.  She wanted me near for reassurance.  As I sit and watched her read each step of the  directions, I quickly became bored and wanted something to do.  She had the directions, but I had the big picture on the box.  So, I began to piece together one of the scenes.

Busted! She caught me!  She politely asked me to please take it apart because “it was not time for that yet”.  *Sigh* 

Okay, back to my role as watcher and helper.  Occasionally, she would ask me for help when a piece was too hard to snap together.  As time went by, I was surprised how much joy I experienced sitting there just watching her.  I slowly began to take a more behind-the-scenes role… albeit, a role unknown to her.  You see, I had the big picture…so, as she read each direction, I could easily see what piece she needed next.  She was super-focused and very intense.  When she  looked up ready for the next step, she was surprised to find that I had the exact piece she needed next waiting in my hand.

That’s when it struck me.  I love parenting.  I really do.  It can be so stressful and overwhelming, but when we s…l….o…w… down and really pay attention, our earthly parenting can become the perfect  analogy for exactly how God interacts with us. 

Here I was simply building Legos with my daughter when a great spiritual truth revealed itself to me:  He’s always there isn’t He?

Patiently watching us.
Lovingly observing as we read His instructions.
Actively waiting for us to simply ask for His help.

And just when we get frustrated and think we can’t do it anymore… there He is holding out His hand with the EXACT piece we need.

You see, we have the instructions but He has the big picture!  He is the ultimate parent.  A wise parent knows they cannot do for their children what they need to do and should do for themselves.  


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